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Luke Russert: Media Is Biased Against People Of Faith

DAVID BRODY: Do you believe the media, or if not so much the media, maybe writ large the much larger population, has some sort of bias against whether it be a strong conservative evangelical, maybe a strong Catholic, whatever it happens to be? People of faith, it just seems like if you wear it on your sleeve too much, you can get bit to a degree.

LUKE RUSSERT: I think that's absolutely accurate. And I think the current world in which we live in, specifically with the American media, snark is valued, and it’s very easy to come after people of faith, no matter what their religion is –– if they’re Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu –– that you’re sort of tagged with this label of being puritanical and not understanding of others or of different viewpoints, and I think that's kind of, it's lazy, number one, and I think it’s just something that sort of feeds the snickering masses in that regard.

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