George Will: Republicans Have A Tremendous Hammer In Their Hand


GEORGE WILL: I disagree with Charles, I think that the Republicans are coming out of this very well. The president, who said, 'I never drew a red line regarding chemical weapons,' when we saw him do it, the president who said the sequester was not my idea, when Bob Woodward's meticulous reporting demonstrates it was, the president who said I want a clean C.R. and debt ceiling increases, the president who said, 'I will not negotiate,' is effectively, through proxies in Congress, is negotiating an unclean extension. Because the Republicans woke up to the fact that they have in their hand a tremendous hammer and that is the sequester, which Democrats hate, which is written into law and will continue in effect for the rest of a decade, unless the law is changed and changing it with this Congress is going to be heavy lifting.

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