Mark Levin: NBC/WSJ Poll Showing Shutdown Has Hurt Republicans Is A "Fraud"


MARK LEVIN: And you see folks, they all look at this poll, this NBC poll, and this has been all over FOX News today. And unfortunately nobody there reads PJ Media or listens to talk radio or reads the internet, because the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll is a fraud, an absolute fraud. Bryan Preston, he points it out.

A sharp reader caught a statistical problem with that much-cited NBC/WSJ poll that shows Republicans are getting whooped in the shutdown.

One-in-five respondents work for the federal government, twenty-percent of those polled. And yet in real life, eight-percent work for the federal government. And he points to it and you can go to the complete poll with the sample and the questions. From the very last page they of the breakdown of where these eight hundred respondents were.

The wording of the question is broad enough to sweep in spouses of government workers and other situations in which the respondent themselves may not work for the government in some way, but someone closely related to them does. Oversampling government workers may not always lead to a skewed result — government workers include the bureaucrats we all have in mind here, but also the wife of the local sheriff who’s as conservative as can be. Nevertheless, we do have government workers heavily sampled, by more than twice the actual percentage of Americans who work for the government. Then let’s factor in the poll’s partisan sample, which was 43-32 Democrat, the percent that admits voting for Obama, which was 44 versus just 35 for Romney, and this looks like a left-heavy sample. Then, factor in NBC’s role. That network is not to be trusted.

So, if people on FOX citing an NBC poll, that is demonstrably skewed. When I was coming on the and they were citing it. Why are they doing that? Why are they doing that? I don't know. I don't know.

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