George Will On "Adult Supervision" From Paul Ryan: "The Outlines Of A Deal Are There"


GEORGE WILL: Well, about the polls, I question how many Americans are really thinking about this until the pollster says are you thinking about this and then they dutifully say they're concerned and alarmed, et cetera. I also question how long this will have an effect after this is a receding memory. All that said, clearly the Republicans are not enjoying this. But I'm not sure the president is either. This week we began to get some adult supervision from someone nine years younger than the president, Paul Ryan, who said the outlines of the deal are so obvious. We have something you very much want and that is a sequester, you'd like to weaken. And you have something we want, which is the ability to cooperate on reigning in the entitlement state. Let's deal. The outlines of a deal are there. (Special Report, October 11, 2013)

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