Carney To Press: "You Guys Want To Turn This Into A Game Of Winners And Losers"


JAY CARNEY: The president is willing to work out a concept with the Republicans that embodies his objectives and Republican objectives in a compromise that achieves not everything he wants and not everything that the republicans want. But through a compromise achieves what the American people and economy deserve.

QUESTION: You are waiting for the white flag? You are waiting for that.

CARNEY: You guys want to turn it in a game of winners or losers and the president made clear the other day, that in a situation where the government is shut down, and you know, for one party in Congress threatening default and some of their loudest voices are encouraging default, no one wins. Nobody wins. He wants a situation where we can discuss and debate our differences and reach an agreement that reflects a willingness in both sides to compromise. And on behalf of the American people and American economy. He believes it is possible and although we are not there and it is not an agreement, that there are indications in the last 24 hours from the Republicans, of a new willingness to explore that possibility.

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