October 11, 2013 Archives

October 11, 2013 Archives

Mark Levin: NBC/WSJ Poll Showing Shutdown Has Hurt Republicans Is A "Fraud"

MARK LEVIN: And you see folks, they all look at this poll, this NBC poll, and this has been all over FOX News today. And unfortunately nobody there reads PJ Media or listens to talk radio or reads the internet, because the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll is a fraud, an absolute fraud.

Dr. Carson: Obamacare "Worst Thing That Has Happened In This Nation Since Slavery"

Speaking at the Values Voter Summit this morning, Dr. Ben Carson told the audience that Obamacare is "the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery." Carson also said: "It is slavery in a way because it is making all of us subservient to the government." Claiming that the passage of health care reform was all about control, Cars

Mark Levin: Bob Beckel "Running Circles" Around Republicans On "The Five"

MARK LEVIN: This is a critical time in our country's future. It's a critical time for you and your family. Now, let me deal with a few things. When I am prepping for this show, I have the FOX News Channel on, a show called "The Five." I have friends on that show. But one of my friends, Bob Beckel, is now in the habit of mocking Ted Cruz. And I know

Rep. Peter King: Ted Cruz And Rand Paul Are RINOs

REP. PETER KING (R-NY): Andrea, this is the strategy of Ted Cruz and going back to mid-September, I said that Ted Cruz was a fraud, that there was a dead-end to this policy and it made no sense to follow it. John Boehner also told us in early September that it would be the wrong thing to do to shut down the government in an attempt to defund Obamac

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts Calls For Kathleen Sebelius To Resign

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) calls for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to resign.

George Will On "Adult Supervision" From Paul Ryan: "The Outlines Of A Deal Are There"

GEORGE WILL: Well, about the polls, I question how many Americans are really thinking about this until the pollster says are you thinking about this and then they dutifully say they're concerned and alarmed, et cetera. I also question how long this will have an effect after this is a receding memory. All that said, clearly the Republicans are not e

Sen. Rand Paul Speaks About Worldwide War On Christianity At 2013 Values Voter Summit

SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): Today I want to tell you about a war the mainstream media is ignoring. From Boston to Zanzibar, there is a worldwide war on Christianity. You won't hear much about it on the evening news because the answer is not convenient and does not fit the narrative we have been told about radical Islam. The President tries to g

PA Mother: Obamacare Would Take "Food Out Of Our Mouths"

ANCHOR: Jennifer Most told the crowd she went to the government website with all intentions of signing up. Jennifer and her husband are disabled, on a fixed income, and their 5-year-old has a few medical problems, as well. In order to stay covered. JENNIFER MOST, MOTHER: My premium for health insurance was $947.63. ANCHOR: That is a over $765

RCP's Conroy: Behind the Scenes Of The GOP Fight Against Obamacare

Anthony Salvanto of CBS News interviews RCP reporter Scott Conroy about the drama going on behind the scenes of the Republican Party, which is doing its best to appear united in its battle against Obamacare as the second week of the government shutdown comes to an end.

Carney To Press: "You Guys Want To Turn This Into A Game Of Winners And Losers"

JAY CARNEY: The president is willing to work out a concept with the Republicans that embodies his objectives and Republican objectives in a compromise that achieves not everything he wants and not everything that the republicans want. But through a compromise achieves what the American people and economy deserve. QUESTION: You are waiting for th

RCP's Caitlin Huey-Burns: Is Ted Cruz The Future Of Conservatism?

Steve Chaggaris of CBS News interviews RCP reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns about the wing of the Republican Party represented at Friday’s Value Voters Summit, where Ted Cruz and others like him show no sign of backing down. Are Cruz and fellow Tea Partiers Marco Rubio and Rand Paul the future of the Republican Party?

Ezra Klein On Obamacare: "They Have Done A Terrible Job Launching This Law"

JOY REID: You do have some number signing up, eight million people visiting the website. So, the concept of getting health care is popular. What's the threshold here? When do we know whether or not the Affordable Care Act is sort of a success? Is it a year? Is it January 1st? Like, when do we get to start to judge it? EZRA KLEIN: It will take a

Sen. Ted Cruz Cheered, Heckled At Voters Summit

Sen. Ted Cruz spoke to cheers and jeers at the annual Value Voters Summit in Washington D.C. A handful of people had to be escorted out of the event after interrupting Cruz during his speech, which focused largely on Obamacare. (Oct. 11)

RCP's Caitlin Huey-Burns: Potential Thaw In Shutdown Stalemate

Steve Chaggaris of CBS News interviews RCP reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns about the politics behind the latest round of negotiations between Democrats, Republicans, and the Tea Party as we head toward the third week of government shutdown.

"Special Report" Panel: Can Dems And GOP Strike A Deal?

Andrew Napolitano, Charles Lane, and Charles Krauthammer discuss the president's meeting with Republican leadership Thursday evening.

Carville: "Republicans Are Getting Slaughtered"

JAMES CARVILLE: My honest opinion, the Republicans are getting slaughtered here. When are they going to stick it -- they're looking for a way out and they have to find a way out. You know that and you predicted it. And what's predicted has happened. And they're getting really beat up bad and the smarter ones know it and they're looking for a way ou

Hayes: John Boehner Survives Another Day

The GOP met with President Obama and there may be signs of movement even though Speaker Boehner's latest offer doesn't accomplish what the president is asking for.  Chris Hayes talks with Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., and The Huffington Post's Ryan Grim.

O'Reilly: Good News For The Country, Bad News For Republicans And Democrats

President Obama's approval rating it down to 37%, while only 28% approve of the Republican party O'REILLY: The entire Obamacare/government shutdown thing is a catastrophe. There is no question Obamacare is not ready to be rolled out. All the evidence says that. If the President would simply admit it and delay the individual mandate for a year t

Matthews: Ted Cruz Faces Backlash

Sen. Ted Cruz is facing backlash from some prominent Republicans. Jim Moore and Joan Walsh joins Chris Matthews to discuss.

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