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Niall Ferguson Rips Krugman: "It's High Time Somebody Calls Him Out"

"In public exchange, there needs to be humility, honesty, and stability. That's all. That's what he lacks. There's no accountability. Nobody edits that blog at the New York Times, and it's high time somebody calls him out. People are afraid of him. I’m not," Harvard economist Niall Ferguson said about Paul Krugman on "Morning Joe" today. The criticism continued and Joe Scarborough pointed out he was told by a New York Times editor that Krugman's columns are difficult to edit because of all the inaccuracies.

"I actually won’t tell you which public editor it was, but one of the public editors of the New York Times told me off the record after my debate that their biggest nightmare was his column every week," Scarborough said.

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