Rand Paul: Obama Privately Told Me He Is Open To Raising Social Security, Medicare Age


SEN. RAND PAUL: The common ground might be that we together -- we get together and we say there are things that are broken. For example, they're broken not because I broke them or Republicans did or Democrats. Social Security is broken. Medicare is broken. It's broken because we're living longer and this population of kids is smaller than the generation of baby boomers that's retiring. These are just facts.

They should just get together -- when I talk to the president one-on-one, and I have, I sat down with him. I've said why don't we gradually raise the age of eligibility for Social Security and Medicare and he looks at me and says that's not an unreasonable proposition -- in private. But in public, we get all of this, 'well, I'm fixing anything if you're holding a gun to my head.' Well, no. We're just trying to fix things because we want the same thing he does. We want the country to thrive and we want to fix these entitlement programs.

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