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Rand Paul: "It's Bad For The President To Be Threatening Default"

SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): There are times when I respect the President and I'm proud of him. I was proud of him for bringing Syria to the Congress and saying we should have a debate, that's what the Constitutions says. But there are other times when I'm not so proud of him, for example on the default or on defaulting over not raising the debt ceiling, he says, oh we're going to default, and he scares everybody to death.

If the President were a true leader, and I could be proud of him if he were a true leader, even from the opposite party, if he said we will not default, we have never defaulted, and we will not default and I will not use this as a political issue.

But instead he is using it as a political issue and I don't think we'll default nor do I think it's a good idea to default. But it's also bad for the president to be threatening default. He should be saying I will work with the Republicans, I will negotiate, instead what do we hear from the president and from Harry Reid? 'We will not negotiate. We will not until you give us what we want, then we'll negotiate.'

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