Krauthammer: Democrats Asking For A "Clean" CR Would Mean Giving Obama A Blank Check


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think there are two issues here. One is was it a political act? I tend to think that some of these interpretations, clearly, people seem to be always erring on the side of being rough and tough and irrational like the cordoning off of the World War II memorial, which is open-air and where it takes more park rangers to cordon it off than it would to accompany the aging veterans on to the site. I think there's an element -- and we saw it in the sequestration, this isn't the first time.

The administration is using anything it doesn't like as a way to punish the American people. But there's a larger issue here. And that is, as the state becomes larger and larger, the bureaucracy becomes stronger and more arrogant and independent. It believes and after all, it regulates. That's what it does. And it becomes punitive in the sense of saying, listen, you want to hold up the government? We're going to show you who's in charge, we're going to shut down all the monuments. If we don't get a blank check, we're going to do x, y and z.

And incidentally, on the question of language, the liberals always seize the dictionary here. When we talk about a clean C.R., well, that sounds nice, it's clean, right? And the Republicans want a dirty C.R., a continuing resolution. I would say what the Republicans asking for is to deny the administration a blank check. That's what the Democrats and the bureaucracy are demanding. So it would be nice if we could undo that language. Where all of the sudden it looks as if what the Democrats are asking, is inherently good, after all, clean is good. A blank check is a bad idea.

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