CNN: Administration Knew Of Obamacare Website Glitches, Ignored Warnings


BRIAN TODD, CNN: A week into it, Wolf, still a lot of glitches. People not able to create accounts just to get information to possibly enroll, much less not being able to actually enroll in the plan. A week in, still a lot of problems. I was just with a database company owner named Luke Chung, he's out of Virginia. He has tried to enroll in this since the roll-out on October 1st. He is a database company owner, he knows this stuff. He says it really is just poorly designed, it's just not user friendly. He's still not been able to enroll, much less navigate and get information.

Just when I was with him, he got an error message on his computer saying that he couldn't really go any further. He went into a chat room trying to get information and was told there were others in line ahead of him. Even just trying to chat there on the website, people are having problems.

But what we're also hearing now, Wolf, is that the administration was warned about these potential problems months in advance. We spoke to Robert Lushevsky (ph), he is a health care consultant who have clients who are insurers. He says his insurers who dealt with the administration in the months ahead of time, he says the insurers he dealt with had contentious meetings with people form HHS and other health care officials who were in charge of this. Contentious meetings in the months before this rollout, warning them, this isn't working. It's not going to be smooth. Don't do it right then. He says those warnings were ignored, they went full speed ahead, and said we'll work these problems out. Now, there has been a bit of pushback from the White House, we hope to get more later from then.

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