Matthews: Rand Paul Is "Joining The Club" And "Becoming Part Of Washington World"


CHRIS MATTHEWS: Charlie, this thing about Cruz -- now, I don't think cruz could ever be president. He doesn't seem to have the personality or even the manner of a presidential candidate. He's too, way too hot for a presidential candidate. But I think Rand Paul is softening up around the edges. I read your piece, I think he's joining the club, if you will. Not in a negative way, but becoming part of the Washington world. He's not making enemies; he's making friends. I think he's the nominee next time, the way the wind's blowing. I think you were saying something like that in your paper.

CHARLIE COOK: Yes, I wrote a column last week. I said next time Rand Paul sees Ted Cruz, he should give him a big kiss.

MATTHEWS: Wet kiss, you said.

COOK: A wet kiss, yes. That Cruz is redefining extremism in the Republican party andd it's making Rand Paul look absolutely mainstream. And at the same time, Paul is working -- he's showed himself to be a much more pragmatic figure than his father, than a lot of us expected. He's working with the leadership, he's being a lot more of a team player more than anybody ever expected and I think showing some smarts. Like when you saw him speaking to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a remarkable speech on immigration. This guy, he's got a lot more savvy than I think a lot of us gave him credit for.

MATTHEWS: I thought his filibuster worked and I think Cruz's didn't. (Hardball, October 8, 2013)

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