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Rand Paul: GOP Offered "Compromise After Compromise," Democrats Shut The Government Down

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Well, of course you can change it. You can change it if you-- of course, but you have to propose something that can get through the House, the Senate, and be signed by the President. Back in the '80s, they didn't shut down the government to make that happen, did they?

SEN. RAND PAUL: Well, how do you know what will pass until you propose something and vote on it? So we've proposed several compromises. Our initial position, and still our position is we think ObamaCare is a bad idea and will hurt the people it was intended to help. But when that didn't pass, when the Democrats didn't accept that, we said, "Well, what about a one-year delay?"

We've been offering compromise after compromise. But you hear from the president and his men and his women, "No negotiation." His way or the highway. They're the ones who are unwilling to compromise on any facet of ObamaCare. And I think that intransigence has led to the shutdown of the government.

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: You talk about compromise a lot with regard to ObamaCare. I'm just curious what part of ObamaCare do you like and want to keep? Which half of it?

RAND PAUL: I don't really like any of ObamaCare. But I realize I'm not going to get my way. But we do control a third of the government. People did elect us to fight. Sixty-one percent of the people in Kentucky voted for Romney. Seventy percent of people in Kentucky don't like ObamaCare.
So the thing is, is I'm supposed to go and fight to make bills either less bad or make them better if possible. So I think it is my job to stand up and provide oversight for legislation. It's precisely what Congress is supposed to be doing. This is Congress's job.

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