Paul Gigot: Obama "Does Want To Go Right Up To The Edge Of Default"


PAUL GIGOT, WALL STREET JOURNAL: George I think there's another part of the calculation here from White House's point of view and that's the 2014 elections. When I was here last time I said I think the president may want a shutdown.


GIGOT: Because his agenda--

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: He's got the shutdown. He cannot want default. He cannot want default.

GIGOT: He does not want default but I think he does want to go right up to the edge of default. Because I think he needs something to, I think he feels, my agenda's going nowhere, I'm down in the polls. I've got to do something. What can I do? I can take back the House for 2014.


GIGOT: He's going to go out in liberal blaze of glory.

STEVE RATTNER: You're saying that the president went to Ted Cruz and said I want you to get House Republicans--

GIGOT: Well not that--

RATTNER: (inaudible) demand on the table so we can shut down the government and I can win an election.

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