Obama: Can't Do Negotiations With A "Gun Held To The Head Of American People"


PRESIDENT OBAMA: If Speaker Boehner will simply allow that vote to take place, we could end the shutdown -- a whole bunch of families, not just here in Washington, but all across the country, will have the certainty that a paycheck will be coming and they'll be able to make their mortgage, they'll be able to pay their expenses, and they will be able to look after their families and we can get back to what we should be focused on every day. That's how we make sure we have a strong middle class in this country, by anybody is willing to work hard, can get ahead.

When it comes to negotiations, I've said I am happy to have negotiations with the Republicans and Speaker Boehner on a whole range of issues, but we can't do it with the gun held to the head of the American people. So, reopen the government, make sure we are paying our bills, two basic functions Congress has. And take your cues from folks like this, you know, who are more interested in making sure that everybody is being treated fairly and properly and less interested in politics and scoring points. Alright. With that, I'm going to order.

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