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Limbaugh On Shutdown: Democrats "Losing" And Republicans Are "Winning"

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, evidence that what I said yesterday is actually the case. I think the Democrats are losing this. And isn't it true out there that Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul were caught on an open mic actually discussing amongst themselves that they're winning, that we are winning? This is Wednesday night in Paducah, Kentucky, on WPSD-TV, Channel 6, the NBC affiliate, at least it was when I was growing up. They posted video of an exchange between Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul that was recorded while McConnell was waiting to do an interview with the station, WPSD-TV, Channel 6, and here is a portion of what that it sounded like.


RUSH: "We're gonna win this, I think. We're gonna win this." You know Obama canceled the Asia trip? I want to know who in the White House had the brains on that, 'cause that was a smart move. I mean, if he goes over there and starts negotiating with all those people, the ChiComs and whoever else he was gonna meet with, and refuses to negotiate with the Republicans... I mean, don't forget this is a guy that was elected because he was gonna end all of this, folks.

I'm telling you, I know it's hard for you to believe. If you just look at the media every day it's hard to believe. You look at the media and think the Republicans are just getting hammered and hammered, my gosh, just relentless, but I'm telling you, Dingy Harry apologized for his nasty tone on the Senate floor. "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid delivered a striking mea culpa on the Senate floor Friday as he opened the chamber, saying he and his colleagues have simply gotten too personal and nasty in their floor debates."

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