Krauthammer: "It's All About The Game And Winning The Game" To Obama


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: And in that sense, his second term is the opposite of a normal second term. A normal second term president is reelected. he can ignore the polls to a large extent. In the first two years he has a mandate, a bit of a wind at his back and he legislates, he tries to enact his agenda. He understands that he is going to lose a lot seats in the last midterm and the last two years will be lame duck. That's the history over the last 50, 100 years.

Obama understood that with GOP in control of the House he wasn't going to enact anything in years five and six. So, he isn't interested in any of that. He doesn't want actual results. What he wants is to win a victory the way did he in the fiscal cliff on January 1, which was all about humiliating the Republicans and splitting them because if he could split them in the House, he would neuter them. He would have control and he would be able to win the midterm.

His whole idea is a political idea, which is, again, unusual in a second term because he needs to recover the House if he is going to have his agenda enacted. All he has got now is Obamacare. It's a big deal, but it's only a single element. He wants a lot of other stuff and he can only achieve it with a political victory. So, nothing he says about substance now matters. It's all about the game and winning the game.

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