George Will: Theme Of Obama Second Term Is "A Crisis Is A Beautiful Thing To Create"


GEORGE WILL: The president is rather enjoying this. And if the emblematic statement of the first Obama term was 'a crisis is a terrible thing to waste,' this term, defined after just 9 months is 'a crisis is a beautiful thing to create.' To understand his behavior in early October, you have to understand the disaster in September, when he suffered two huge obstructions, both involving core presidential powers. The power to use appointment and the power to use military force. And he suffered both at the hands of Democratic senators. He wanted Larry Summers to head the Fed, the most appointment he'll make in the second term. A Democratic Senator stopped him. He wanted the power to threaten or wage a strike against Syria. Democratic Senators disproportionately stopped that. So he needed to change the subject and this has helped him do it.

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