Wolf Blitzer: Will Capitol Hill Shooting "Propel" Congress To "Get Back To Work" And End Shutdown?


WOLF BLITZER: One final question, Congressman, before I let you go. An incident like this which clearly scares everyone up on Capitol Hill, staffers, workers, members of congress. Do you think it will propel you guys up there, Democrats and Republicans, to say you know what, enough is enough, let's get back to work and end this government shutdown?

REP. BLAKE FARENTHOLD (TX-27): Listen, I’ve been advocating to end it as soon as possible anyway. It’s unfortunate that this happened, but maybe some good will come out of it.

BLITZER: Yeah, let's hope indeed, that government shutdown has lasted long enough. Everyone’s got to get back to work and some of these other political issues, you guys can work out separately. Congressman thanks very much. Blake Farenthold, Republican of Texas watching what’s going on.

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