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Dem Rep. On 10,535 Pages Of Obama Regulations: "Is It Important That I Read It?"

( – When asked by whether he had read all 10,535 pages of final Obamacare regulations that have so far been published in the Federal Register, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) asked in return whether it was "important" the he read them, dismissed the inquiry as a "propaganda question," and did not ultimately answer. "What I was going to ask you is if you've read those [10,535 pages] of regulations."

Waxman said: β€œHave you read them?” "No. Have you read them?"

Waxman said: β€œIs it important that I read it?” "Do you think that the American people should read it? I just asked you a very honest question. Whether you've read them? It's a yes or no question."

Waxman: "I think it is a propaganda question, and I refuse to talk to you about it."

(via CNS News)

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