Carney vs. Henry On Obama Using Phrase "Putting A Gun To Someone's Head"


ED HENRY, FOX NEWS: The last thing is, we're just two and a half weeks after the Navy Yard shooting, and he used the analogy today about putting a gun to someone's head in negotiations, putting a gun to the American people's head by shutting down. When he was in Tucson in 2011, he said we're so strongly polarized right now, we need to "make sure we're talking to each other in a way that heels, not in a way that wounds." Is it good to say the Republicans are putting a gun to the head of the American people?

JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE: The Republicans -- again, I can cite numerous Republicans, including one Congressman who referred to his fellow Republicans as lemmings wearing suicide vests. Numerous Republicans have used the hostage analogy. Numerous Republican commentators have used the gun to the head analogy. I hardly think this is unique. Again, if you're suggesting that hurt feelings are why we shut down the government

HENRY: I said the president himself said --

CARNEY: You yourself referred to Republicans shooting at themselves the other day in the briefing. So, I think that the people who watch this could probably get through that.

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