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Reid Tries To Explain Gaffe About Not Helping One Kid With Cancer

HARRY REID: The whole answer is this: Why would we want to have the House of Representatives, John Boehner, cherry-pick what stays open and what stays closed. Listen, I gave a speech on the floor talking about the babies, 30 babies. Little kids who are not going to have clinical trials, of course I care about that. I have 16 of my own grandchildren, five children. But I also care about the Centers for Disease Control, which in the last few weeks discovered a terrible outbreak that killed people, they found by what their expertise that they had, it was coming from pomegranate seeds that came from some foreign country. They’re not working today, looking for the next scourge that infects people. The fires they put out every week in America, it’s because they are good. CDC is basically closed now.

So, What I told Dana Bash who is a fine reporter, is that we care about all these things, we care about our state parks, our veterans, but we can’t fall into that trap. Here is the trap, of the Cruz-led Republicans, and that is this. Listen, we’ll cherry pick. We’ll open this today and this tomorrow, and finally at the end everything will be open except the money to finish Obamacare. But what Dr. Coburn has said, this is ridiculous, because Obamacare if nothing happens, about 90% of it is funded anyway. But they are so mercenary, so determined to destroy the president’s signature issue that they would go to the extreme of shutting down the government.

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