Martin Bashir: How Long Until Obama Is Accused Of Being An "Angry Black Man?"


MARTIN BASHIR: McKay, how long will it be before the president is accused of being an angry black man, because he said he is exasperated?

MCKAY COPPINS: Well, I won't be making that accusation.

BASHIR: You won't be. That’s why you're on this broadcast. It’s not going to be long, though, is it?

COPPINS: Look, I think the politics of this are extremely fraught. You even saw earlier today Harry Reid asked about the cancer patients and he made a gaffe saying, well, why would we even want to move things around just to fund that one element of the government. Look, we're going to see a lot -- the temperature is going to continue to rise, the longer this goes on. A lot of people thought this was only going to last a few hours. It’s lasted two days now and there's no end in sight. And I think we're going to see a lot of lawmakers making bad comments going forward.

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