Ted Cruz: Harry Reid Threatened To Cut Off Paychecks To Military


HUGH HEWITT: Now I have been watching all day to two things unfold, the Republicans in the House getting ready to try a partial funding of the parks and DC, and that will pass the House. Do you expect that will pass the Senate tonight? Or do you expect Harry Reid to continue the blockade?

TED CRUZ: Well, I don’t know. What we’ve seen so far is on the underlying fight. Four times, the House of Representatives has attempted to compromise to fund the federal government, but at the same time, to stop the harms that Obamacare is inflicting on the American people. And four times, Harry Reid has said pound sand, go jump in a lake, he will not negotiate, he will not compromise. He simply said no. And the reason we have a shutdown today is because Harry Reid decided he wanted to shut down the government. In fact, Harry Reid, it’s been reported, told President Obama don’t even talk to Congressional leaders. So President Obama will negotiate with the nation of Iran, but not with Congress. That’s why we have a shutdown.

HEWITT: Now go ahead…

CRUZ: Now we did see something good happen yesterday, which is we saw the Senate unanimously pass a bill funding the men and women of our military. The House had passed it, Harry Reid had been threatening to stop it. And for weeks, Harry Reid and President Obama had been saying they were going to cut off the paychecks of the men and women of our military if there was a shutdown. I’m glad Reid paused. He blinked. And in fact, I praised him on the floor of the Senate, Hugh. I said he did the right thing. But now, he needs to do the right thing with the other areas that President Obama is cutting funding for. You know, yesterday, President Obama gave a speech where he talked about not paying Border Patrol agents, closing the national parks, closing much of the VA, closing much of NASA, and I think the House should do exactly what it’s doing, to send over continuing resolutions funding each of those priorities, and let’s see if Harry Reid is willing to tell veterans he wants to close the VA, because I’ll tell you, I want to open the VA. Republicans want to open the VA. And the only reason it might stay closed in significant respect is if Harry Reid decides to force it closed.

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