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Scarborough On Obamacare: In Ten Years, There Will Be No Private Health Insurance

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: What are they afraid of?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: They're afraid of what I'm afraid of. That when Obamacare becomes law, it's not like people are going magically get insurance.

BRZEZINSKI: I never said that.

SCARBOROUGH: What they're afraid of is what we've heard from CEOs who run the biggest corporations. And that is, that after a couple of years, they're going to drop all of their employees, they're going to pay a couple thousand bucks in fines, and you're going to have millions of people flooding in to federal health care. 

And that is gonna happen. You talk to the top CEOs. They'll pay a couple thousand bucks, they'll be free of the responsibility to take care of health care, and we will have-- I do predict, in the next ten years, there's not going to be any private health insurance. We'll have a federal government that completely runs everybody's health care system.

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