Krauthammer: If Not For The Shutdown, Obamacare "Glitches" Would Be On The Front Page


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, Jim Angle is the one who pointed out that you don't have to buy an iPhone under penalty of the IRS coming after you with a fine. The iPhone isn't imposed on you, the iPhone isn't attached with a penalty or whatever. Look, the president is really defensive here. They know this thing is a huge machine with all kinds of moving parts, many of which don't work. He uses the word glitch because it makes it sound trivial. I don't think it is. We will see.

He also tried to imply it's only because it's so overwhelmingly popular that it's in trouble. I'm not sure that is true, either. We already know in advance, the administration has said, you know, you know, the calculator on the online service doesn't actually work, so you won't be able to work out what your premium is. We already know in advance that there's no way the government can ascertain how much you make, and therefore, how much of a subsidy you ought to get which is the heart of the system. Otherwise you have no control of it, it's just an honor system and it's open to immense abuse.

So at the beginning, we know all this. I will just add one thing. If it weren't for the shutdown, this is all the country would be talking about today. The problems, the glitches, sort of the ominous implication for what's ultimately going to happen with it. That would be on the front pages. Unfortunately, it's not.

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