Reid: We're Entering A "Banana Republican Mindset"


HARRY REID: I have heard the idea of a short-term extension floated. Let me be very clear, the Senate's bill is a short-term extension. That is what it is. This is a six-week funding bill, all it is, six weeks. If you cannot pass this, we are truly entering a banana republican mindset. This is what we look at other countries doing. The United States would be funding the government for a week, 10 days at a time -- not too good. The bottom line is this: House Republicans face the same issue they faced yesterday and the day before and the day before. Let the Senate's clean PR -- I am sorry -- There we go again. -- I got it -- let a clean CR pass. We will do it with bipartisan support, or there will be a shutdown of the government caused by them the Republicans. Without being too dramatic about this, the fate of the country depends on the House being able to vote, the House, all members of the House of Representatives. I hope that John Boehner will make the decision that is good for the country. Job protection time is over with, it’s time to start protecting the American people. 

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