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Sen. Mike Lee vs. Sen. Tim Kaine On Obamacare On "FOX News Sunday"

Sens. Tim Kaine, Mike Lee debate merits of the Affordable Care Act. A key portion of the segment is transcribed below:

WALLACE: Senator Kaine, let me start with you. Your side has already, as we pointed out with Congressman McCarthy, rejected the bill that the House passed last night.

KAINE: We'll act tomorrow, right.

WALLACE: You'll act tomorrow?


WALLACE: Will you pass their measure which would keep funding the military in case there's a shutdown?

KAINE: Chris, in all likelihood we will. We think it's insufficient. It doesn't cover V.A. and other important workers, but it is necessary. And I don't suspect that will be too controversial.

WALLACE: OK. Senator Lee, you and Ted Cruz have been openly, as I just mentioned with Congressman McCarthy, lobbying House conservatives to go up against Speaker Boehner's plans. He didn't want to have this fight. He didn't want to shut the government.

Is that appropriate?

LEE: Well, first of all I support what the House has done. I support what the House did last night based on what I've heard about it, haven't yet seen it. And I support what they did last week.

Look, Republicans are doing everything that we can to protect America from a shut down and protect America from the harmful effects of ObamaCare. This law is not ready to be implemented.

Every day, we are learning about somebody else is losing a job, having their benefits slashed or having their hours or their wages cut.

And we also know that the president himself has acknowledged that the law is not ready. He is making exceptions for people for unions, for big business and other special interest. If it's not ready for some, it's not ready for everyone and we should delay it for everyone.

WALLACE: OK, because of the fact that the exchanges kick in, and on October 1st, we want to have this debate. How it's going to affect real people?

First, coverage. Here is what the president promised.


OBAMA: If you've got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan -- you can keep your doctor. You can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.


WALLACE: But major companies like these on the screen say they will put their workers on public or private exchanges.

Senator Lee, many of those folks won't be able to keep their doctors or their plans.

LEE: Many of those won't, nor will the 20,000 employees of Home Depot who learned just a week ago Friday that they will be losing their coverage as well. People were being told this all the time.

So, I have to ask the question, how many more Americans will have to lose their jobs or their health coverage, or have to have their wages or their hours cut as a result of this law before Congress acts?

It's time to act. And what we keep hearing from Democrats is ObamaCare is the law. Well, if it's the law, then why isn't the president following? Why is the president rewriting it? Why is the president --


WALLACE: All right. But I want to stick to how this is going to affect people.

Senator Kaine, let me bring this up, the president said, if you like your doctor, if you like your plan, you can keep them. But the fact is, a lot of people are going to be thrown into these public exchanges where they can't keep their doctors or their plans without having to pay a whole lot more money because they'll be out of network.

KAINE: Chris, I agree we should have this debate, but we shouldn't connect it to a government shut down. That's the fundamental disagreement between the two sides here. I mean, just for an example, on the Senate --

WALLACE: But let's --

KAINE: No, I'm going to answer your question.

WALLACE: I want to answer my question.


WALLACE: Because the fact is, this goes into effect whether there's a shutdown or not.

KAINE: Right. Well, I hope that we have to read the delay provision. The delay provision says everything that goes into effect beginning October 1 gets delayed for a year. Does that delay the exchanges? It will definitely delay the --

WALLACE: But you're not going to pass --

KAINE: It will definitely -- you're right -- but it will definitely delay the ability of people not to be turns away from preexisting conditions, delay maternity care.

WALLACE: Answer my question, what about --


WALLACE: All right.

KAINE: We're not going to pass it. We're not going to pass it because it is wrong to do a shut down of government as the leverage to make change.

WALLACE: But, sir, answer my question.

KAINE: OK, now, the question.

WALLACE: Well, the question is, the president promised you can keep your coverage, you can keep your doctor -- no, you can't.

KAINE: In the exchanges? In the exchanges, the news that came out about the exchanges last week, and we're going to have to see on October 1st is that people are going to have vastly more voices of insurance products and the ability to have them subsidized if the exchanges go into effect.

This is --

WALLACE: But if I'm seeing Dr. Smith, and I like Dr. Smith, and I've seen Dr. Smith for 10 years, it may well be when I go into the exchange, I can't see Dr. Smith anymore.

KAINE: I actually doubt that that's the case. The news about the exchanges is that the number of options is so great, you're going to have all kinds of choices, Dr. Smith or others that you might want to see based upon the reports last week.

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