Jennifer Granholm: "The Real Speaker Of The House Is Ted Cruz"


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: That's true but let me then bring this question back to Bill Kristol. You say you think this is going to get resolved. It appears though given the factions in the Republican Party who don't want to approve anything, that the only way this gets resolved is Speaker Boehner says I'll do it with Democratic votes. Doesn't that cost him the Speakership?

BILL KRISTOL: It doesn't cost him the Speakership if he has to do it. But look, here's what's going to happen. Reid, the Senate will strike, (inaudible) tempted to delay Obamacare for a year. I think Republicans might then come back and say back, how about striking the Congressional exemption that the president just decided to give members of Congress and their staff. Maybe that the Congress will accept on the debt, on the continuing resolutions.

What about the medical device tax which the Republicans added with Democratic votes last night which most Democratic Senators are against?

(Inaudible) Democrats were being utterly intransigent in negotiating.

FMR. GOV. JENNIFER GRANHOLM (D-MI): To proof how non-serious this is though, they also added the ability of employers to deny contraception to women which is also something which is also completely politically ridiculous for them. And John Boehner as Speaker, I think he has already ceded that territory. The real Speaker of the House is Ted Cruz.

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