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Barrasso vs. Howard Dean: Obamacare Being Held Together With "Duct Tape And Chicken Wire"

CANDY CROWLEY: Governor Dean, we are -- it really does seem to me, it depends on which state you're in, because this is very hard to keep track of, because in some states, some people are saying oh, mine will be much lower. And other states it appears to be much higher. Long term --

DEAN: Candy, the vast majority of states, in fact, the premiums are significantly lower including mine. I mean, really lower, like 40 percent in some cases. So, I would disagree with Senator Doctor Barrasso on that. Look, I think there are going to be some glitches.

As you know, I wasn't a big supporter of this bill, but now, that we're at the day I'm looking forward to it. I really do think it's going to change things and it's changed (ph) in the private sector. These people are going to go on the exchanges and they're going to get private insurance. That's what this does. So, I don't buy this doctors aren't going to accept this.

Doctors always have trouble accepting, some doctors don't accept Medicare, but this is going to work. It's a sensible solution. There are going to be glitches. None of them, so far, are major. We'll see how this - the big one is the federal exchange. For all the folks who refuse, governors who refuse to become part of the -- their own estate exchange are now in a big 33-state federal exchange. And that's what they've got to do right and we'll have to see how it works, but I'm very optimistic. I think it's going to be good for the public. And I think when they see what this looks like, this debate that we're having, which is outrageous is going to look really stupid.

CROWLEY: Go ahead with the --

BARRASSO: I think the exchanges are being held together right now with duct tape and chicken wire. We're not sure what's --


BARRASSO: We see many states, even governors home state of Vermont has had problems. They're not going to be able to accept payments online. Oregon is backing down. Other states and the District of Columbia last week said, hey, we're not ready. Huge ability, I think, for fraud, for identity theft on the exchanges. The bottom line is, I think it's not just an issue of will doctors still see patient.

Patients are going to have a hard time finding a doctor to take care of them under these exchanges. In New Hampshire, where Howard was on Monday giving a speech, we know that there's an uproar, because - Blue Cross/Blue Shield is excluding 10 of the 28 hospitals in that state.


BARRASSO: And pediatricians aren't going to be able to take care of kids they've been taking care of.

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