Krauthammer: Public Wants To Use Debt Ceiling To Fight For Spending Cuts, Not Obamacare


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: It's quite astonishing, the degree to which Americans not only want to see a connection between raising the debt ceiling and lowering spending, but they are asking that they be linked, and that they are critical of the president because his position is 'I won't even speak about this. I want a clean raising of the debt ceiling, i.e. I raise it without anything else happening.' This is a 2-to-1 majority against the president on this.

On the other threat, which is to shut down the government over the continuing resolution, public opinion is precisely the opposite. 4-to-1 against the threat of shutting down. So, if you're a Republican and I agree with the Judge about the passion and the rhetoric in stirring up people over this, you've got to use intelligence. You have two clubs. You can use the C.R., shutting the government, or use the debt ceiling.

You have 61% of Americans behind you on the debt ceiling, where they want president to engage in negotiations, which will end up giving some things -- spending restraint, etc. to the GOP or you have the C.R., the continuing resolution, where Americans are 4-to-1 opposed. So why would you stake everything on something where Americans are hugely against you rather than get something easy on the C.R. and get the hard stuff, the spending cuts, the pipeline, stripping -- delaying Obamacare a year on the debt ceiling, where America is behind you?

This is a question of simple application of intelligence, it's not about a commitment to principle or a belief in conservative ideas.

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