Krauthammer Praises Rand Paul: "Looking A Little Bit Ahead Of The Game"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I understand that this was a very emotional moment, whipped up everybody who opposed Obamacare, but I thought Rand Paul threaded the needle on this very well. And he did it on the 4:00 show. The Cavuto show. He said, Look, I understand that there are Republicans who are opposing this tactic,” and therefore I would never insinuate or say to these people that are pro-Obamacare, he didn’t say it, but you know, Neville Chamberlains, and he was the one who was sort of looking a little ahead of the game, whereas Cruz was out there essentially calling anybody who didn’t accept his tactic an appeaser, and now he’s calling for the Republicans to join him in opposing cloture, meaning keeping the bill open and not allowing the vote on it, but where does that lead?

Even assuming you could get 60, which you’re not going to get because you’re not going to get the Democrats, means that the government shuts down. If you suspend action on the bill to fund the government, the only outcome there, is the government shuts down and without a doubt Republicans are going to take the blame. I think it is a lot smarter to shift the debate, to the debt ceiling where a lot of people just don’t like it no matter what. And to pick specific items that we know are popular with the public and make our stand on that.

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