Obama Laughs At Reporter When Asked If "Red Line" For Iran Is A Nuclear Weapon


JOSE DIAZ-BALART, TELEMUNDO: Iran's Supreme Leader said, today, that his country should embrace diplomacy over militarism. Is this the opening you've been looking you? Have there been exchanges in communications between the two governments?

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: There have been some exchanges. I sent him a letter after his election indicating the U.S.'s interest in resolving this nuclear issue, in a way that would allow Iran to rejoin the international community. But it's gonna have to show the international community that it's not trying to weaponize nuclear power.

JOSE DIAZ-BALART: Is that your red line--



PRESIDENT OBAMA: (LAUGH) The-- I-- I-- I think it's clear that-- Iran is under a whole host of international sanctions precisely because the entire international community believes that we can't see a nuclear arms race triggered in the most volatile part of the world. And-- there is an opportunity here for diplomacy.

I hope the Iranians take advantage of it. There are indications that Rouhani, the new president-- is somebody who is-- looking to-- open dialogue with-- the West and with the United States-- in a way that-- we haven't seen in the past. And so we should test it.

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