Fmr. Rep. Harman: "I Think John Kerry Should Be Nominated For Sainthood"


JAKE TAPPER: Mike Morrell, acting director of the CIA until earlier this year, doesn't necessarily share your confidence and optimism. He tells Foreign Policy magazine, β€œI think this is the Syrians playing for time. I do not believe that they would seriously consider giving up their chemical weapons.” So Morell obviously leading the CIA until six months ago and you disagree with him?

JANE HARMAN: I disagree with him. Syria has signed or asked to sign the chemical weapons convention. Syria is in a box. It can't use chemical weapons at this point. I don't think any way possible. By Saturday, Russia has to explain, as far as I know, why this deal isn’t going through. We're not in the box, they're in the box and they’re the ones who will be the target of an attack. I don't see this. I also see, I think John Kerry should be nominated for sainthood, and I think he is following Rahm Emanuel's playbook, no crisis should go to waste and with this going on, with some overtures now by Rouhani in Iran, with at least some reason for optimism in the peace process, all the puzzle pieces are moving and all the players are seeing a lot of each other and I actually think -- well, if I weren't an optimist I would not have been in Congress for 17 years. It is a mess how we got here, but we're now headed to a place, we, the U.S., as partner with people in the region and in Europe and hopefully with the world tuned in, in a good way, headed to a place where Syria and Russia have to do the right thing.

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