Carney Explains Why It Is "Right And Responsible" When White House Delays Obamacare


ED HENRY: You say it is such a bad thing for Republicans to want to delay the health care implementation. The president has delayed pieces of the law and you have said it was a smart way to do it, you need to more slowly implement it, help businesses deal with it. So if the Republicans come up with it, why is it such a bad idea if they say lets slow walk some pieces of this? When you do it, it's perfectly fine.


HENRY: Well, you did, right? On the businesses, you said they can delay.

JAY CARNEY: On the employer responsibility provision, which represents a very small portion of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, it was the right and responsible thing to do, reacting in part to the requests of businesses to delay implementation of that for a year.

As every Republican who is pushing the idea of delaying implementation of the individual responsibility provision, they know that that is the heart of the Affordable Care Act. It is what is essential to ensuring that everyone in your extended family, who has a preexisting condition, can still get health insurance, and isn't blackballed by insurance companies to making that work. Making sure that the individual responsibility provision is there.

Furthermore, delaying it would do what? Add to the deficit. So in the name of deficit reduction, Republicans are saying we should add to the deficit, even as we're taking away health care from millions of Americans. It seems like a bad idea.

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