Tapper On Media Falsely Reporting AR-15: "There Certainly Is A Meme That Fits Into"


HUGH HEWITT: What I’m getting at, though, is there are these categories, but in all cases, the media tries to put an AR-15 at the scene.


HEWITT: That happened again yesterday. It was sort of like outcome-based journalism. Where did that come from?

TAPPER: I don’t know. I certainly never reported that. I don’t know where that came from. I understand that that is incorrect information. I can’t speak to the motivation of anybody who was talking about the fact that it was an AR-15 other than the fact that I think that there were some reports that it was. One of the doctors said during the press conference at Washington Hospital Center, and you know, unfortunately, Washington Hospital Center has experience with gunshot wounds. One of the first stories I covered in Washington, D.C. when I was the City Paper, was a boxer who was actually killed at Washington Hospital Center, shot at. And anyway, the physician there said that she thought it was a semi-automatic gun that had done the shooting. It turns out it was a shotgun, which also makes sense when you think about the severity of the wounds to the police officer’s legs, the fact that they were almost severed from one or two blasts.

HEWITT: You know, you’re right. That’s got to be where it came from, because I heard the same press conference. I think you’re right, because these things get into the storyline, and I made mistakes yesterday, too. Fox News reported shots fired at the White House. I repeated it. So people make mistakes in this situation, so I’m not, I’m not down on people, but that AR-15 mistake has been made before, and I just think it’s sometimes we’ve got people who want them to be there. Let me ask you, Jake, the really…

TAPPER: There certainly is, I understand, there certainly is a meme that it fits into, which is those who favor greater restrictions on gun control seem to have targeted this particular weapon, AR-15…


TAPPER: …even though if you look at the, which guns cause the most violence or homicide, it’s actually handguns.

HEWITT: Right.

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