Piers Morgan vs. S.E. Cupp On Guns For The Blind


MORGAN: S.E., I love you work and I love your style. But when somebody like you with your intelligence looks at me down the camera and says, "Blind people having guns is not an issue," I think you've gone stark raving mad.

CUPP: Well to be frank, gun owners and it's not your fault for not knowing this, most people who talk about gun control don't really no much about it but most gun owners have to take safety classes were incredibly responsible with our firearms and a blind person who might not all the way be completely blind by the way, would have to go through the same kind of training and safety courses both on how to shoot his gun, use his gun, keep his gun, protect his gun, secure his weapon.

MORGAN: But they can't see, S.E...

CUPP: You're treating blind people like they're all 100 percent blind. This is a class of people, some of whom wear glasses. Some of whom maybe considered legally blind but can still see, and why should they not have the opportunity to defend themselves the way every other American citizen can.

MORGAN: Van Jones am I loosing the plot?

VAN JONES, CO-HOST OF CROSSFIRE: Look on first blush it does sound totally preposterous and ridiculous. However, I think what there should be is there should be a standard. And if somebody who's been classified blind can meet that standard then I think there's no problem. I don't think we should lower the standard to make it easier...

MORGAN: How can somebody who's classified blind even meet the standard, it seems far of.

JONES: Hey, now listen but we're having a very different conversation. If somebody can't meet the standard they shouldn't be given the license and the standard should be, you should be able to shoot straight. There may well be people who are legally blind but who are able to meet the -- listen, all I know is the big problem in America, is not too many blind people have guns. The big problem is America is that there are too many kids out here in the community who have no hope, who have no role models, have no economic future.

MORGAN: No I agree with that, I agree with that Van and actually...

JONES: And that's the bigger problem, I think we are blind to the poverty and blind to the young people, that's the blindness I'm worried about.

MORGAN: No I agree, I agree, I agree with...

CUPP: That's all been called the Constitution Piers...

MORGAN: That's what I'm coming to.

CUPP: And in the second amendment it does not say, "You have the right to bear arms if you can shoot them well." That is not part of the constitutional, the confines...

MORGAN: Well you have actually, you've actually answered the very question I was about to ask you, which is actually the reason the blind thing is so relevant. It is actually, it comes down to constitutional rights and I cannot imagine that any of the founding fathers who were hugely intelligent people sat there and thought, yes it is perfectly correct and reasonable that somebody who's blind should be able to buy an AR-15 (Walmart) for example.

CUPP: Well Piers they didn't sit there and dream of the internet either. There are a whole list of complications in a progressing, modern, evolving world that the founding fathers didn't anticipate, it's up to us, sober minds to sort of sort through those things. But the constitution is what it is, it is clear on this and it's not up to me or a blind person to tell you why I deserve the right to my second amendment rights. It's up for you to tell me why I don't.

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