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CNN Anchor Calls Out Colorado Recall Loser For Blaming Voter Suppression

Angela Giron, a Colorado state senator who was recalled Tuesday, blames her loss on voter suppression. A CNN anchor points out how that doesn't quite add up.

ANGELA GIRON, LOST COLORADO RECALL ELECTION: Well, yes. And I think that was really a misquote and that we know what really happened here. I mean, yes, we had a strong NRA and you have a person like Mr. Head. But really, what this story really is about, it's about voter suppression. When Colorado has voted by mail, 70 percent of Coloradans vote by mail, and we didn't have access to that mail ballot --

BALDWIN: OK, forgive me, but I'm going to cut you off right there because if we talk voter suppression, I've read reports of lack of popularity on your behalf. Let's not go there, let's get to the meat of the story, which is this gun control --

GIRON: That is the meat of the story. BALDWIN: Let's talk, though, about the stance that you and your colleague, the head of the Senate, a former police officer, have taken. And here you have mega, mega cash from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Mayor Bloomberg versus this grassroots effort. What happened?

GIRON: I'm telling you what happened is that you had only 30,000 of the voters who in the last election, off-year election, was 45,000. So the people that are in support of very common sense gun legislation weren't able to get to the polls. They vote by ballot, and they had been doing that for 25 years. I mean, we have to call it for what it is.

When I was talking to people at the doors, and in their homes, it was that, this is what this is about? Because you want universal background checks and you voted for that and you're limiting magazines to 15. I don't see anything wrong with that. I don't see that that's any infringement on the second amendment. So people didn't know what it was about.

There was voter confusion. We didn't even know what the rules of the game were. This is the United States of America. We didn't know what the rules of the game were a week out from the election, where to vote, how to vote, where are you going to get a ballot in the mail.

So it was just that confusion led to the voices of people in Pueblo County and El Paso County not having their voices heard, yet they're going to have to pay for the election, the most expensive in the history of the two counties.

BALDWIN: I understand that's one side of this. The other side is the Republican who you lost to. Let's hear from him and some of his supporters.


GEORGE RIVERA, WON COLORADO RECALL VOTE: Politicians can and should be held accountable when they vote to infringe on our rights as citizens.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The people will not go against the constitution or our second amendment rights.

VICTOR HEAD, ORGANIZED RECALL CAMPAIGN: I still want to give my girlfriend my shotgun that sits in my closet. That's been it from the start.


BALDWIN: So the last guy there, that's Victor Head, the political novice who organized the recall against you. I know you want to talk about, and I hear you on voter suppression, but do you believe, Ms. Giron, that gun control supporters in other states could fall prey to these grassroots urgencies like the one this guy, Victor Head, mounted in your state?

GIRON: Well, I don't think certainly in Colorado -- BALDWIN: But in other states?

GIRON: In other states, that depends on what their voter turnout is because that's what happened here.

BALDWIN: You believe this is all voter turnout, forgive me for interrupting --

GIRON: It's about having the voices of the people being represented heard. So this would be a different story, and I will tell you, it would be a very different story, the results would have been different, if people would have been able to vote like they have voted for the last 25 years.

So for other legislators across the country, I don't believe they're going to have any fear about doing the right thing, whether it's on gun legislation, gun safety legislation, or anything else that's important to their constituency because hopefully in their states, they have -- they'll have voter access. In Colorado, we did some major changes.

BALDWIN: Let me jump in. Two sides of the conversation here, and in retrospect, do you think your association with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his money, his out of state money, might have tainted you among your constituents, among those who voted against you?

GIRON: Those people would have voted against me no matter what. They didn't vote for me in 2010 when I ran my first election and they wouldn't vote for me if I would have had my regular election in 2014. So that's just a group of people that don't have the same values as myself and the rest of -- the majority, I would say, of people in Pueblo County, which is the district I represent.

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