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Piers Morgan vs. Gun Rights Author Emily Miller

MORGAN: So my argument is, where there are more guns, there's actually more likelihood of a gun being used, and call me old fashion in that theory, but, there is this heartbreaking case. A couple of days ago, an 18-year-old, who for a prank, in a family home with a family friend who've been staying there, hid in the closet and jumped out to surprise him. He happened to be carrying a gun, and because he was startled, he killed her with the gun. Well, that simply wouldn't happen in countries where you're not just overrun with everybody assuming (ph) there's to carry in a gun.

MILLER: But what about the machete. The guy in England who killed a guy with a machete. I mean, people are vulnerable. You know, accidental death is a different issue. Don't get that too much in my book, it's about 700 people a year. It's not that frequent of a crime, and obviously catches people attention because you think a guy who will -- I will never do that. But their picture is this, gun -- there has never been proven whether it's the government CDC study, Harvard study, that any gun -- all these gun control laws that I hear you advocate all the time. They don't prevent violence, they decline violence. And that's what we all want to do is decrease violence, make our children safe or make ourselves safe, or make our cities safer.

MORGAN: But what they do do is they dramatically reduce gun crime.

MILLER: No, they do not.

MORGAN: Yes, they do.

MILLER: Gun crime hasn't gone down 40 percent in the past 20 years while gone ownership had skyrocketed. There's over 300 million guns. As gun ownership is going like this, gun crime has gone like this. Whereas in England, gun crime after the ban went like this and then started going down. There is no parallel between gun -- there is no parallel during gun ownership and gun crime.

MORGAN: Well actually, gun crime in Britain. As he write this out after the Dublin (ph) massacre when they board a new gun control laws, it went out the next five years since as they all came into effect. And then made them twice as hard and so they're going to start jailing people for five years for possession of a handgun. And every single year since then, since 2003, it has gone down significantly.

MILLER: As it has in the United States, while gun ownership is through the roof here.

MORGAN: What about Iowa? Iowa was to give permit, gun permits to legally blind people. And indeed has been doing that including a number of people who are not allowed to drive because they're also blind.

MILLER: With the state issues. So there's no federal ban on that. And I know a lot of these disability groups want to say, "You can't take away their secondary (ph) rights because they're blind." So it's a complicated issue. It's really -- I mean there's no ...

MORGAN: Emily they're blind.

MILLER: I don't want a ...

MORGAN: These people are blind. I interviewed Stevie Wonder. He said to me, "Can you imagine, I'm allowed to go and buy guns. Can you imagine me with a gun?" I think it's actually ridiculous, Emily.

MILLER: But, here's the thing ...

MORGAN: There is he with your lovely gun you want to get your gun. A farmer (ph) doesn't want to take your gun away. You want to stop people killing each other, right?

MILLER: He doesn't care about the blind people.

MOGRAN: Now, we've got people in Iowa who are blind applying for weapons, and they're allowed to have them because it's their right. Not it's not.

MILLER: Can I talk?


MILLER: Once we start having cases of blind people going around shooting people, we can come back and have that debate.

MORGAN: It's something that's going to happen?

MILLER: It hasn't happened yet.

MORGAN: Do you think blind people are going to accidentally shoot people?

MILLER: It's been fully legal in most states right now and they're not doing it because gun owners are responsible, which they train responsibly, which they store responsibly.

MORGAN: So let me guess -- the view is right. You actually think that we can have responsible blind gun owners?

MILLER: I'm going to tell you what.

MORGAN: Yes, Emily.

MILLER: I won't -- yes.

MORGAN: Unbelievable, Emily.

MILLER: Let me tell you why. You can rack a shotgun, never shoot it, scare the hell out of the criminal. Am I allowed to say hell? I don't know.

MORGAN: It's good. You just said hell (inaudible).

MILLER: Well, I may -- they teach me back and so (ph). But anyway, I went with two blind people down to the DC police to see if what happens if they did because you have to be legally blind, you've take a vision test in DC because it took me four months to get a legal gun. You would love DC, 17 steps and four guns ...

MORGAN: I do find -- I actually do love DC I love America. My hat is off (ph) with America or Americans, or in fact, any of your magnificent states, my problem is with the gun law that you're saying is perfectly OK for legally blind people to be marching around with guns. It is ridiculous?

MILLER: Well, the gun lobby (ph) is not -- the gun always now doing that is the disability groups who actually the ones advocating for this. And you know, because they say, why should they not be allowed to have guns. That's not mine, right?

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