Krauthammer: Obama Has Completely Walked Into Putin's Trap And Has Nowhere To Go


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: If [Pelosi] imagines that this is a victory, she is delusional. The policy now is in total disarray. What happened yesterday was clear: the Russians were throwing Obama a lifeline because Kerry had made a gaffe. They gave an opening for Russia to look like the peacemaker, but as we talked about last night, their single objective is to make sure that Assad wins the civil war. That's their interest. They have no interest in chemical weapons one way or the other. They have a base there. This is the Iran-Hezbollah-Syria axis, it dominates the Middle East. The Russians are behind it. They supplant America as the dominant actor in the region, first time since 1970.

So what was offered yesterday? We'll deal with the chemicals, but you're going to have to deal with Assad. If there's going to be inspection, you have to deal with Assad, to recognize Assad. You have to go under the protection of his military, you're going to obviously have to tell the rebels to stand down, and now Putin isn't even stealthy about it. He said openly today that if there's going to be anything about chemical weapons, the United States has to openly say it will not use military force.

BRET BAIER: He said that at about 3:00 p.m. You could hear the drafting of the speech change.

KRAUTHAMMER: That was the key. Anybody who was naive enough to imagine that this was an sincere offer, to quote Hillary Clinton yesterday, this was the objective. No American action, a promise and a pledge so that Assad and his side wins. There's no way the chemicals are going to be dismantled in the middle of a war. Libya took eight years when there was no war. So this is obvious.

The Russians today demanded a meeting with the security council and they wanted what? A presidential statement from the council, which is absolutely useless. It carries no import and they don't want a resolution with what the French are introducing, which would be Article 7, which would mean the use of force. So their strategy is clear. Obama has walked completely into it and he's got nowhere to go now.

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