Ann Coulter: Putin Making A "Monkey" Out Of Obama On Syria


ANN COULTER: Look at how the vote in Congress is going to go, not looking food for Obama. Obama is desperately looking for an exit strategy. No, these Democrats think being president is a Hollywood movie, if they just come out and say it is in America's national security interest Americans will swoon like they do in The West Wing when Aaron Sorkin is writing it. But it's not that way in life. Americans do have a vague grasp of what our national security is which is why they supported the war in Iraq and they do not support this nonsense.

I just tweeted out -- as for Putin in particular, he is making a monkey of Obama. I tweeted out a very interesting article from the Tablet suggesting that this whole thing was set up by Putin to make Obama look like a monkey. I mean, he controls Assad, Assad is his puppet. Obama issues this red line ultimatum thinking, well, of course Assad is never going to use chemical weapons, why would he?

This is just my way of announcing we're not interested in the Syrian civil war. So Putin puts pressure on Assad or simply places a phone call and says, hey, why don't you give some chemical weapons? And then, the ultimatum has been met. Now, you have Kerry doing the exact same thing, thinking he's setting up a situation, an ultimatum that would never come to pass. Well, why not just turn over their chemical weapons? And Putin and Assad leap forward and say, 'okay, we'll do that.' Now they are stuck with that ultimatum.

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