Krauthammer On Obama: "How Do You Send A Nation Into War When You Are Clearly Unsure?"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I don't think you've ever seen a greater display of indecision and ambivalence. Sometimes you can study ambiguity to scare the other guy to make it useful. With Nixon, it was said the Soviets though he was so potentially nuts that actually he deterred a lot of action because you never knew what he was going to do. But he could do damage and he could be decisive. With Obama, we've never seen that.

The only action he's taken that was decisive was tripling the number of troops in Afghanistan. When he announced it in the same sentence he announced we were leaving. He announced ambivalence, ambiguity, uncertainty. How do you send a nation into war when you are clearly unsure? And the ambivalence he has about the Syrian operation has been on the table for two years. He says Assad has to leave. He doesn't act. He says there is a red line. He doesn't act.

Everybody understands that here and in the region and that is why a lot of people, including me, who would support a president who is committed here, who is serious about this and had a plan and strategy, are saying can we really entrust an opening into a civil war with a president who clearly doesn't want to be on the scene? That is why he has no support internationally and no support at home.

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