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Syrian Woman Rips Into McCain At Town Hall For His Support For Bombing Syria

At a Town Hall meeting a Syrian woman who lost a member of her family at the hands of the U.S. backed Syrian rebels that would benefit from a U.S. strike against Syria, one that AZ Senator John McCain supports, rips into him about spilling more Syria blood.

"You need to listen to the majority of the American people who do not want you to go there. This is not an issue that we can take so lightly, Senator McCain. Enough is enough. We do not want another engagement in the Middle East. We don't want al Qaeda to take over. Whether you like Bashar Assad or not, I am not a fan either, but at least he has a secular government going on over there," the woman said.

"It is secular, Senator McCain," the woman shouted at McCain. "We are a minority over there. We are the minority Christians, who are unfortunately, by you and so many in the Senate, are just considering us as collateral damages."

"And I refuse to believe that," the woman continued. "I refuse that, because I can trace my families name to the Bible. From the beginning of humanity we were there and we refuse to be forced to leave and flee and be considered collateral damage."

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