Rand Paul: Bill Kristol Needs To Travel, Visit A Military Base And Talk To Troops


SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): "Well, you know what? [Bill Kristol] needs to travel a bit, he needs to get out to the countryside. We're getting phone calls, better than 95% against involvement in Syria. What I would like him to do is come to a military base… Come to a military base, talk to a hundred GI’s that are allowed to frankly speak their minds, which they're not allowed to do in public. But if you were to ask them, a hundred of them, do you want to fight in Syria? Do you see a cause worth laying your life and your limbs on the line for Syria? I think you'll hear a 'no.' The country is absolutely opposed to this. I did not hear one person voice support for going into Syria for any kind of bombing campaign in Kentucky. It has absolutely no support." (Laura Ingraham Show, 9/4/2013)

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