Krauthammer: If U.S. Attacked Nations For Humanitarian Motives, We'd Be At War With Half Of Africa


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, I think it's wrong to make a decision about whether you enter a war or not purely on humanitarian motives. Yes, they're always part of the calculation, but the ultimate calculation has to be the national security interest of the United States, otherwise, we would be at war right now in the Congo and in half of West Africa and in places a lot of Americans haven't even heard about. So it has to be the principle of natural interest. Whether or not, you are never going to see a CSI level, you know, a determination of what exactly happened, you never get that.

And as to choosing your enemies, remind everybody of the obvious fact. That in the Second World War, the good war, we were allied, helping, supplying, doing everything that we could to help Stalin, who is the second worst man in the world because we have to defeat the first worst. So, we have to make a determination, do we have a preference among the combatants in Syria? Where's our national interest? And the speech by Power, our ambassador at the U.N., was a nice speech, you know, that you give at a debating society. But unfortunately, the world is a tough place and we have to make a decision not in decrying the heartlessness of the rest of the world. The rest of the world acts in its interests. That's always been true, it remains today and always will be.

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