Howard Dean Backs Obama On Syria: The "Only Person Who Knows All The Facts"


HOWARD DEAN: I think we have engaged here in this conversation in a little bit of what I would call Washington hooey.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Give me a break, Howard. You know what? Give me a break.

DEAN: It's Washington hooey. This is the blame game.

SCARBOROUGH: Save it for somebody else. You know what? You're on the wrong show. You're on the wrong show.

DEAN: Let's get to the nitty-gritty of what's going on here. What are we to do? So the first assumption you have to make, question you have to ask is: Do we belong in Syria? Is there a reason for us to go in? Some people say it's none of our business.

I say when kids are getting killed, it's always our business and then the next question is: What can we do about it? Now the fact of the matter is, I was very happy to criticize the president when he did health care reform. I know a lot about it. I've had a lot more experience about it than probably most the people that wrote the bill. In this situation, the president of the United States is the only person who knows all the facts except for a few of his advisors.

So he has to make a really tough decision. I think that decision -- and I think he did the right thing going to Congress, and now he's got to make a decision. Now, what are the alternatives? One, sanctions, we probably do them already. Two, you could try to envelope Syria in the kind of mess that Iran is in terms of our banking structures. My guess is that won't work, but I don't know. And three, is some sort of armed intervention.

I give the president the right to make this decision. And yu can criticize him all you want, but he has to make this tough decision. I think he's done the right thing by going to Congress because this is an American people's decision. We need to have a public debate and that is exactly what we're having. What my concern about the first five minutes of this conversation is, why are we having a Washington type discussion about what the president said when they said it. Why don't we debate the merits of whether we ought to be going into Syria or not?

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