Dem Rep. Rush Holt: "It Is Not Up To One Nation To Enforce International Standards"


CHRIS MATTHEWS: Congressman, your thoughts on that, just the idea we kill people to punish someone for killing people and basically we're killing the same people -- the Syrian people, which is so encrusted with irony, I don't know how to keep going here. Your thoughts?

REP. RUSH HOLT (D-NJ): Well, I'm not sure that's what Mr. Gibbs is saying. He's saying we'll make a surgical strike to deter Assad's ability to do it in the future. That's very hard to do. Chemical weapons are no doubt dispersed. It's going to be hard to take them out. As I say, the only possibly justifiable reason would be to deter future use around the world of weapons of mass destruction -- in other words, to enforce these international norms. That's what Secretary Kerry talks about, it's what the president talks about. I don't see how one nation can do it. If the rest of the world won't do it, then we can't. It is not up to one nation to enforce international standards.

ROBERT GIBBS: Well then nobody can. If one nation can't, the nobody can. Again, I think if the standard is that we don't want this to happen again, then somebody has to stand up and do it.

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