Blinken: Skeptics Of Syria Strike "See This Through The Prism Of The Last Decade"


MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Obviously the support that you have from members of Congress is unequivocal, but the numbers don't appear to be there. What concerns do you have to overcome to get those numbers to get the votes you need?

TONY BLINKEN, Deputy National Security Adviser: Here’s what I think is going on. When people around the country hear in a headline or on TV, ‘military force’ and ‘Syria’ they see this through the prism of the last decade. They think Iraq, they think Afghanistan. They think 100,000 troops on the ground in one, 150,000 troops on the ground in the other. It’s very important that people understand what this is and what this isn’t. What this is, is a limited, targeted, but effective use of force to deter Assad from using his chemical weapons and to make it more difficult for him to use them again. What this is not, this is not open-ended. This is not boots on the ground. This is not Iraq. It’s not Afghanistan. It’s not even Libya. The more people understand that, the more they'll understand the need for us to take this limited but effective action.

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