Krauthammer: Obama Had No International Support For Syria And Went To Congress For "Cover"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I don't think it is a sudden embrace of the separation of powers or a renewed interest in constitutional action in which he brings in the Congress. On domestic issues, he hasn't shown any interest in that, and all of a sudden he develops religion on the eve of the supposed strike. The reason is, he was alone and naked in the world. He didn't have Russia, he didn't have the U.N., didn't have the Security Council, he didn't have the Arabs who, yes, very much oppose but won't lift a finger and didn't even approve in the resolution of the Arab League support for unilateral or any kind of action against them, military action against Syria, and he lost our closest ally in Britain. He had nobody.

Here are Obama and the Democrats who mocked the Bush administration for unilateral intervention In Iraq where we had a coalition of almost 50 countries and he can't get one and a half. So he had to have the Congress, that's the reason he did that switch in the end. He knew how alone he was and how he needed cover. This is a cynical exercise in political cover, and the language he offered, McCain, that everybody approved, is simply language, it will have no effect on policy. And I think it's a sop that is not worth the words the ink it is written with.

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