Cavuto: A President Without Precedent


NEIL CAVUTO: This Syrian aggression must not stand.

Maybe it can stand.

Chemical weapons crosses a red line.

But apparently a very long red line.

I don't need congressional approval for Syria.

Maybe I do need congressional approval for Syria.

Congress won't act, so I will on the domestic issues that matter to me.

Congress is on vacation, so I'll wait until they come back to weigh in on a foreign policy issue that doesn't matter to me.

You'll be able to keep your doctor.

Maybe you won't be able to keep your doctor.

This stimulus is about getting productive jobs back.

Maybe not that many productive jobs back.

I'll close Guantanamo as soon as I'm in office.

Guantanamo still open more than five years in office.

Egyptian president Mubarak is a stalwart ally.

Until he isn't.

NASA's manned space program means something.

Until it doesn't.

The issue, my friends, isn't how you feel about these issues.

But how the president so often has changed his mind on these issues.

The overreach by an IRS targeting conservatives that he said would not stand.

Now all but a phony scandal that utters barely a mention.

The push for healthcare law ID's because they matter.

But a push-back for voter ID's because they obviously don't matter.

I could go on, but why? When the signal these inconsistencies send is clear.

A president who is without precedent.

When it comes to stating a position, then reversing it.

This isn't about what words next the president will take back.

This is about whether he will ever exhibit something approaching.

A back bone.

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